About Us

Welcome to Oregon Born!

From its snow-covered peaks to its deep river gorges, from the rugged beaches to the arid desert, Oregon is one of the most picturesque places on the face of the planet. The Native Oregonian is as diverse as the landscape, but their ‘Oregon Born’ DNA is evident in everything they accomplish, with a fierce passion and spirit unique only to them.

'Oregon Born' is a grassroots clothing brand which celebrates the Native Oregonian. The culmination of seeing a need, and fulfilling it. "As an Oregon native myself, I've often found myself looking for a simple way to show my Oregon pride. To be honest, I’ve never really seen a lot out there that spoke to me. Something that filtered out the junk and distilled the message down into its simplest, most basic element. I didn't find it, so I did it myself." - Jeff

A brand that embodies the Oregon spirit. We want to tell the stories of the people who wear it, the 'Oregon Born'. Who they are, where they're from, the places they love in Oregon, the things they do, and what being 'Oregon Born' means to them.

Become a brand ambassador for ’Oregon Born'. When you purchase a shirt, get out into our beautiful state (or wherever you now live) and take a photo of yourself wearing it, share it with us and include a quick bio. We’ll spotlight you on our website and social media channels -Twitter, Facebookand Instagram.

We believe "word of mouth" advertising is like oxygen, we can't exist without it. So please, wear your shirt with pride! And when someone asks you where you got it, be sure to tell them! Share us on your own social media platforms, and when you do, use the hashtag #IAmOregonBorn.Take pride in your heritage, take pride in being 'Oregon Born'.

To get started, we want to keep things very simple. We’re starting small with just a few designs in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. In the near future, we'll introduce more designs and more products. We love this state, and we’re really looking forward to outfitting and showcasing the ‘Oregon Born’.

One of the ways we celebrate our state is by caring for the people, places, and organizations that make it great. To this end, we will devote 10 percent of our net profits to charity annually. The best part—you get to help.

You’ll be able to help nominate a worthwhile organization here. Together, we’ll choose a charity to benefit from our Oregon pride.


Jeff and Michelle Andrews - Owners